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GEDIH delivers to Venture Capital investors, risk management systems with a lifecycle diligence approach.

In private capital investing (Venture Capital, Corporate VC, Angel investing, and strategic partnering) reducing risk and maximizing ROI is the goal of every investor whether that ROI is financial, social, strategic or other.

Enabling the selection of the best-of-the-best requires an integrated, layered approach. GEDIH pulls diligence inputs from a variety of professional and market voices along the lifecycle value chain to provide a more complete view of potential project success.

The GEDIH system was developed by serial entrepreneur leaders with decades of experience supporting the success paths of thousands of entrepreneurs to Global Access to Innovation Acceleration (GAIA TM).

The 4 key categories of venture risk:

A Venture Development Organization (VDO TM ) is a unique full- engagement Venture Capital fund with strategic senior level management delivering early stage tech projects all the way to ROI.


If you are an organization that wants to optimize deal flow evaluation and investment selection through a Lifecycle Diligence approach, please contact us for a custom configured approach.

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